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Common Residential Deck Repair Issues

Your deck is constantly exposed to the elements. Plus, if your family is like many others, then you may all spend a lot of time on the deck. This means it's enduring plenty of wear and tear. Eventually, the deck will start showing signs of wear and other issues. You put yourself in a better position to catch problems sooner and have them fixed when you know what to watch for. This will help keep your deck looking great, remaining functional, and offering your family a safe outdoor space. This article will cover some of the most common residential deck problems. 

Cracked Deck Boards Happen From Exposure 

A common issue for decks is cracked deck boards. Even when you have the deck properly sealed, time, high and low temperatures, rain, snow, and direct UV rays will eventually affect the wood. Split boards are safety hazards, so you should act quickly after you spot them. The splits will create tripping hazards, and they can also cause someone to get serious splinters in their feet. Also, the boards can be weaker, increasing the chances of them breaking when you walk on them. 

Rotten Deck Boards Occur From Moisture

You could walk out on your deck one day and suddenly notice the wood looks dark and like it's crumbling. This is how deck wood can look when it's rotten. When you see this, you'll want to keep everyone away from the area. Rotten decking can collapse under the weight of someone walking on it. Moisture that causes fungus to take root eventually leads to rot. Rotten decking needs to be fixed right away to avoid worse damage and dangerous situations. Now that you know moisture is an issue in that area, you should have the deck sealed more frequently once it's been repaired. 

Moisture Can Cause Warped Boards

Another issue that moisture can cause is boards warping on the deck. The boards will warp when they're exposed to moisture, and then some areas of the boards dry faster than others. Warped boards can also be dangerous because they are easy to trip on. If the boards are only slightly warped, then they should be repaired. However, deck boards with serious warping will need to be replaced. 

Deck Railings Can Become Loose

There are a few reasons deck railings can become loose. The wood can expand and contract in different weather conditions. The screws and bolts also move when the wood does. However, the hardware won't hold everything in place the same way once it has that extra movement. Also, years of people leaning against the railings and children climbing up the railings can also contribute to them getting loose. The deck railings can collapse, and someone could be seriously injured. Railings with any extra movement should be repaired as soon as possible.

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