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It Takes Two — 5 Signs You Might Want A Double Island Kitchen

Kitchen islands are a popular feature, and now they're being expanded into double kitchen islands. Should you join the trend toward two full kitchen islands? Find out by considering these indicators that it may be right for you. 

1. Your Kitchen Is Large

First and foremost, you need space to add both islands. Trying to squeeze a double island setup into a small or medium size kitchen will make it uncomfortable, inefficient, and frustrating. On the other hand, the second island can help recapture useful workspace in a large or open kitchen. 

2. You Want More Zones

One thing the second island can do very well is create additional work zones. They provide natural divides which other counters and cabinets do not. Make one island a cooking zone and one a cleanup zone or dedicate one to your love of baking while the other fulfills ordinary kitchen functions. The combinations are easily customized. 

3. You Need Seating

While any island can be used for additional seating, it's hard for a single island to pull double duty. Having guests seated while you use the island for cooking or prep can be too tight of a squeeze. Instead, devote the second island to seating alone. Or ditch your traditional dining table or dining room, replacing it with a large island. 

4. You Have a One-Wall Kitchen

One-wall kitchens align all the major services along a single wall. They are compact designs that rarely offer enough space for everything the kitchen must do. Two islands in any configuration add vital counter space and storage area. Even if all your appliances stay along that one wall, you now have room to work.

5. Your Island is Large

Do you have a large island style in mind? Does the scale of your large kitchen mean that the accompanying island is quite large as well? Unfortunately, the larger the island, the less useful it often becomes. It can turn into an annoying physical barrier, an obstacle, or a lot of unused storage and countertop. Instead, split it into two more moderately-sized islands for better function. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about double island designs? On the fence about whether your kitchen can — or should — support two islands? Learn more by meeting with a kitchen remodeling service in your area today. With their guidance and expertise, you'll find the ideal island to make your kitchen all it can be. 

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