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Remodeling A Small Bathroom: 4 Tips

Remodeling a bathroom can be exciting, but if your bathroom is small, it can also be a bit challenging. It can be difficult to fit everything into a small bathroom, and you're likely conscious of trying to use the space wisely. Your best bet is to work with a contractor who has experience remodeling small bathrooms. Here are some tips and ideas to run by them as you're deciding what to do with your space.

Build storage cabinets between the wall joists.

Have your contractor build a cabinet or two between the wall joists. This way, the doors to those cabinets will be flush with the walls, so the storage itself won't take up any room in your bathroom. Of course, in-wall cabinets are narrow, so you won't be able to store everything in there, but they can be a great place to store your toiletries, cleaning products, and other basic items. Having one or two in-wall cabinets means you can get away with a smaller vanity, saving yourself some floor space.

Light it up.

The more lighting you can fit into that bathroom, the better. A well-lit bathroom will look larger than one that is dimly lit. Your contractor can place the lights carefully so that there is more light shining into corners and towards the ceiling. Try to choose low-profile lights so the fixtures themselves don't take up too much space. Can lights on the ceiling, for example, tend to work well.

Consider a frameless shower door.

Frameless shower doors are often the most space-efficient. Since they are entirely clear with no frame, they don't make the room feel as busy as a framed shower door or a shower curtain would. They are, however, a little more expensive than most shower doors, so you'll have to decide whether one fits within your budget.

Add some little luxuries.

To ensure your small bathroom does not feel like a functional closet, look for some luxuries that don't take up a lot of space. You might, for example, want to install a heated floor. Or, you may want to choose a showerhead that plays music and lights up. Whatever small elements appeal to you, include them — they make a small bathroom feel more luxurious in spite of its size.

With the tips above, you can remodel a small bathroom in a way that keeps it attractive, enjoyable, and fresh. Contact bathroom remodeling services in your area for more info.

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