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What Are the Benefits Associated with Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing involves placing a new veneer or skin on the exterior of your existing cabinet drawers or doors. This helps to give the look of a brand-new door or drawer without having to replace all of the components of your cabinets. If you are looking to remodel or refinish a bathroom or kitchen, you may be interested in learning more about cabinet refacing, including the benefits associated with this type of service. Read on to learn some of the top benefits associated with cabinet refacing. 

Cabinet Refacing Is Cheaper Than Replacing Your Cabinets

The number one benefit associated with cabinet refacing is that it is much cheaper than replacing all of your cabinets. You get the look of new cabinets without the cost involved in replacing all of your cabinets. This is a great option for those who are on a budget or looking to save money on their bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects. 

Cabinet Refacing Helps Hide Minor Damage

Another advantage to cabinet refacing is that refacing your cabinet helps to hide minor damage. If your cabinets have small imperfections, such as scratches, scrapes, or small dings or dents, installing a new veneer over the existing face of your cabinets or drawers helps to hide this damage. Painting or re-staining your cabinets does not do this, so this is a great option for those with minor cabinet damage. 

Cabinet Refacing Is Less Invasive and Time-Consuming Than Replacing Cabinets

One of the lesser talked about benefits of cabinet refacing is that refacing takes a lot less time and is less invasive than replacing your cabinets. Only the front of the cabinets and drawers is replaced during this process, instead of the entire cabinet. You do not have to remove dishes, pots and pans, silverware, or other home goods while this process is going on. You also get your kitchen or bathroom back faster, which helps you to move on with your normal life faster. 

If your cabinet doors or drawers are starting to look worn down, or have minor surface damage such as scratches or scrapes, cabinet refacing can be a great way to hide the age and damage. This can help to revive your cabinets and make them look nearly new again at a fraction of the cost involved with completely replacing your cabinets. If you are interested in learning more about refacing your cabinets, reach out to a local cabinet refacing company

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