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3 Concepts That Are Key To Home Interior Remodeling Designs

Home interior remodeling plans require some sort of design to hold them together. To develop a design and discuss it with a contractor, you need to understand some of the basic concepts. Folks in the industry often use these three terms, and customers should be aware of them.

Focal Point 

Every room should have a focal point. This is the location where a viewer's eye naturally wants to go. If there is a very evident feature in a room, such as a large window with a great view, that's going to be the focal point.

A focal point doesn't need to be inherent, though. You might have an interior room without much in the way of a view. Using design methods, you might make the focal point of a living room a large fireplace, for example. You can do this by creating an interesting fireplace and then pointing the room's lines toward it. Visitors will then have an easy time knowing what the conversation piece in the room is.


When people look at objects in a room, they often focus on what designers call the positive space. The positive space includes any line defined by an actual object. If you drew a picture of a chair, the positive space would be the chair itself.

Negative space is what's outside of the objects. If you have a large and open doorway, for example, the area without anything in it is negative space. A house interior remodeling effort can use negative space to frame rooms or even features within them. The entry to a kitchen can frame the view of the island, counters, appliances, and cabinets. Likewise, the windows create negative space that frames the view of the outdoors.


In home interior remodeling, style generally refers to the specific set of choices that define a design. A space with a modernist style, for example, tends to have simple lines and relatively few colors. Conversely, a traditional design could use ornate lines and many patterns.

There are numerous styles. The important thing is to not be overwhelmed. When you look at possible house interior remodeling styles, try to note which ones appeal to you. If you're looking at a house online and can't quite figure out what the style is, do a search based on its general description. This often serves as a good jumping-off point for talking about styles and which ones the designer prefers.

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