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Understanding Installation And Wait Times For Kitchen Granite Countertop Installations

Kitchen granite countertop installation is an excellent idea for your kitchen remodel for various reasons. Among the many advantages of granite is that it is affordable, doesn't scratch or stain easily, and is relatively easy to clean.  

These are all benefits you can look forward to enjoying for a long time. You will, however, need to wait until after the installation to get a return on your investment. Here is a breakdown of the timeline you can expect with your kitchen granite counter installation project.

Installation Time

The time it takes to complete a kitchen granite countertop installation depends on several factors, including the scope of work, the size and complexity of the installation, and the experience of your contractor. 

For example, if you already have the older countertops removed, then it significantly reduces how much work will be involved in the renovation, and by extension, how much time it will take. Similarly, installing a bigger countertop with more cutouts will take longer. On average, it will take an experienced contractor a few hours to complete the installation, from start to finish, including cleanup.

Waiting to Seal

While most granite is highly stain-resistant, it's always best to add sealing as the last step to your kitchen granite countertop installation process. Sealing protects your countertop from moisture damage and staining. 

Under normal room temperature conditions, your newly-installed granite counter may need to dry for up to 12 hours before sealer application. If the room temperature is higher, then the wait time significantly reduces. You can get away with applying sealer in a few hours after your kitchen granite countertop installation.

Wait Time Before Use

Waiting at least 24 hours to use your new kitchen granite countertop installation is the recommended standard. This should be enough time to allow for the applied sealer to cure and bond properly. Based on the conditions in your kitchen space, the contractor may recommend waiting for a longer or shorter time. 

You can test whether your countertop is well sealed by pouring a tablespoon of water onto the surface. Let the water sit for a few minutes and observe. Your counter is sealed if the surface doesn't change color or darken.

Be Prepared

As outlined, it may take a while before you can use your new kitchen countertop. It's important to prepare and ensure you are set up for your kitchen needs.

Contact a local contractor to learn more about granite countertops.

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