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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Decorative Tiles For Your Renovation Project

When planning a home renovation project, it can be challenging to determine what to upgrade. It is even harder to make remodeling decisions that will affect the appearance of your home for the longest time. When choosing flooring materials, tiles are one of the most common and affordable features you can upgrade. Fortunately, this piece will highlight a few tips to guide you when selecting decorative tiles for your renovation project.

1. Determine the Areas You Want to Install the Tiles

Before you head into the store to shop for tiles, take your time to think about the effect they will have on your home. What areas would you like to install the tiles? Generally, kitchens and bathrooms work well with tiles. However, you have to choose different decorative styles for different settings. Mark all areas you would like to cover with tiles and ask your contractor to estimate the costs and help you select the suitable tiles for each section.

2. Define the Sizing of Tiles

Flooring tiles come in various sizes and patterns. Most of the time, smaller tiles are best suited for flooring your shower space. You could choose even smaller ones when creating mosaic styles for the bathroom floor and walls.

However, small tiles don't have the same enhancing effect on larger rooms such as your kitchen or living area. If you want to create the illusion of a larger space, bigger tiles are an ideal option. Your tile installation contractor can help you pick different tile sizes for various rooms.

3. Pick Colors Carefully

The color of your tiles will have a lasting impact on your room's entire design and look. A great way to pick the color for your tiles is by matching them with other surrounding features such as walls and furniture. Some interior designers recommend contrasting colors to make the patterns stand out.

You will also find that some tiles have glossy finishes while others assume a matte finish. All these choices depend on the area you want to upgrade and personal preferences and tastes. Fortunately, tiles have endless color options to suit different clients and settings.

4. Porcelain or Ceramic

Generally, tiles are available in these two primary options, which are astonishingly similar. Ceramic tiles are made from generic clay, while porcelain is made from a white clay and created at extremely high temperatures. For that reason, the latter is relatively tougher, denser, and less porous when compared to ceramic. However, both are reliable and can work for you, depending on your budget and application.

That said, you should go for tiles window-shopping with a ton of information on your fingertips. The right decorative tiles will give any space in your home an instant lift. Remember to choose a competent contractor for tile installation. Contact a decorative tile supplier to learn more.

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