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Marble Counters to Makeover Your Home With Stone Surfaces in the Kitchen and Beyond

You might want to change the look of your kitchen with new surfaces. One way to do this is with marble counters, which can be used for more than just elegant countertops in the kitchen. The following marble countertop information will help you add these marble surfaces to the kitchen and other areas of your home.

Choosing the Marble for the Kitchen

The kitchen might be one of the features that you want to consider for your marble improvements. Marble countertops come in a variety of different styles and colors that you can choose from. A few things to consider when adding marble surfaces to the kitchen include:

  • Choose the right finish for marble surfaces
  • Choose colors that are more resistant to stains 

The addition of marble countertops to your kitchen will give it elegant, timeless design features. As the marble ages, you can keep it looking new by having it polished and repairing any damage when needed.

Marble Counter Facelifts for Furniture  

Furniture is another area where you might want to consider facelifts using marble materials. If you have old pieces in your home that have damaged tops, installing marble can be a great way to restore them with a new and vibrant look. In addition, finishing furniture pieces with marble allows you to have them made to match other counters in your home. These can be fixed counter pieces that are attached to the piece, or they can be a marble slab that sits snuggly on top of the furniture without damaging it.

Marble Surfaces to Built-In Features

There might also be built-in features where you want to add to have more elegant design features. Marble finishes for the built-in features can help you achieve this. The marble can be a counter surface for built-in drawers and other features of an entertainment center or for the desks and bookcases in your home office. You can even use marble for smooth, clean surfaces to finish shelving.  

Mable Counters for Bathroom Remodels

The bathroom is another area where you might want to consider adding marble counter features. The bathroom vanity might be one of the first places you want to start. The great thing about marble in a bathroom design is that it can be used in so many other areas.

The solid surfaces throughout your home can be finished with durable and attractive marble. Contact a marble countertop service to start planning the addition of marble counters throughout your home.

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