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3 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

A bathroom remodel can be anything small. From a new faucet and paint to a complete overhaul of your bathroom so it looks like an entirely different room. Whether you're going for the minimalist bathroom remodel, or you're looking for a complete overhaul, there are things you may not have thought of before. Read on for a few remodeling ideas for your bathroom remodeling project.

1. Neutral Paint

Consider using neutral paint colors, especially if you have a smaller bathroom that you are remodeling. A neutral paint can help give your bathroom a more cohesive look, and if you go with a light neutral, it can help make your bathroom appear larger than it is. Consider using a lighter color, especially if you have a small bathroom to prevent it from looking too closed-in. Neutral paint can also help you when you want to change your bathroom decor in the future, you don't have to worry about the paint matching because it's already neutral enough to match with practically any decor.

2. A Glass Shower/Tub Enclosure

Consider having a glass shower door added to your bathroom if you don't already have one. Newer glass shower enclosures are not anything like the 1980's shower doors with plexiglass and aluminum outlining. Newer doors offer a much cleaner line to your bathroom and can make your bathroom appear larger and give it more depth and height as well. 

3. Extra Storage

Consider adding extra storage where you can in your bathroom remodel. Storage is never a bad thing, and adding extra storage can help give you a place for those towels or all of those extra bathroom essentials you never know where to put. If you aren't able to add in a cabinet or add shelving, you should consider having in-wall shelving added to your bathroom. In-wall shelving can be added to the wall between the wall studs. It's out of the way and doesn't end up taking away any of the space in your bathroom.

If you are going to be remodeling your bathroom, you should consider the ideas above. Whether you're going for an entirely new look, or you just have a few changes you wanted to make, you should consider hiring a professional bathroom remodeling company to help you get the work done. A professional will help you achieve the new look you are going for in your remodel and ensure the job gets done correctly.

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