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5 Ideas To Fill That Awkward Corner In Your Kitchen

Many homeowners find that filling the long walls and central open space in most kitchens is relatively easy. But what can you do to maximize the use of those awkward corners? Even though they take a bit more effort creatively, the options can be nearly as endless. Here are a few ways to make use of that unusual spot. 

1. Lazy Susan Shelves. One of the easiest ways to unlock the storage potential of corner cabinets is with lazy Susan inserts. Made from a free-standing round platform, a lazy Susan spins to provide easy access to items on the back. Corner lazy Susan designs may be fully rounded and take up only a portion of the cabinet, or they may be shaped like Pacman with a cutout to mimic the corner shelf shape. 

2. Swinging Pull-outs. A pull-out shelf can be manually (or sometimes, automatically) pulled outward to allow easy access to the entire storage space. Since corner cabinets are often V-shaped, though, standard pull-outs might not fit well. A swinging pull-out, though, solves this problem. These swing outward in a curved movement that doesn't get in the way of other cabinet doors. 

3. Walk-in Pantry. The corner could be a great place to install a walk-in pantry. Stocked largely with open shelving, a walk-in pantry isn't affected if shelves meet up in a V-shape or have unusual angles. And utilizing the 'V' angle for walking means you maximize food storage while minimizing the space needed to maneuver inside. 

4. Appliance Garage. Get those small appliances out of sight by using the corner as a sort of "garage" for them. Appliance garages can have a roll-down door or open like cabinet doors to hide what's inside. Installing a corner unit is a simple way to use the "dead space" at the edge of a countertop or a freestanding corner by making other surfaces less congested. 

5. Corner Sink. The sink often takes up a lot of real estate in the kitchen, so why not install it in the corner to minimize its footprint? With a custom-fit sink base, you can use that triangle space and get even more usable, unbroken counter space for prep and cooking. Combine the base cabinet with swinging or lazy Susan shelves for more efficiency. 

Which of these solutions could make your problem corners and angles more useful? No matter what you use them for, these trouble spots can be turned into valuable parts of any kitchen when you think outside the box. Get more ideas for custom kitchen cabinets by consulting with a cabinet maker in your area today. 

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