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Kitchen Remodel Fundamentals: Lighting Considerations

If you have been planning to remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of details that you need to consider. One aspect of a kitchen remodel that people often underestimate is your lighting choices. There are many things that you should think about to create the ambiance and functionality that you need in your kitchen. Here are a couple of things to discuss with your remodeling contractor about your kitchen lighting.

Ambiant Lights

The first thing that you need to think about when you are planning the lights in your kitchen remodel is the ambiance you hope to create in your kitchen. You'll want to choose your ambient lighting accordingly. 

For example, if you want your kitchen to have a bright, vibrant, exciting feel, you'll want to opt for recessed lighting and daylight bulbs with high wattage ratings. In a kitchen where you'll both entertain and host romantic evenings, install adjustable lighting so that you can control the brightness.

Track lighting, recessed light fixtures, and even chandeliers are great options for the ambient lighting in your kitchen.

Work Lights

The right work lights are important for your home's kitchen. You need sufficient lighting for cooking and for any other projects you plan to do. Consider placing work lights over every active surface in the kitchen, including your countertops, stove, and island.

You can use recessed lighting, track lighting, and under-cabinet lighting for your work lights. Adjustable lighting, including not only brightness adjustments but also directional adjustments, can help make your work easier.  

Decorative Lights

Once you've created the design for your functional lighting, it's time to start thinking about the decorative lights. There are a number of different options for your kitchen's decorative lighting. Adding some lighting to your backsplash or even kickboard lighting can help to enhance the appearance of your kitchen in general.

Additionally, you can talk with your remodeling contractor about lighting fixtures for your cabinets if you install glass-front cabinet models. These lights will help to illuminate the cabinets and create a display feature that can become a focal point in your kitchen. 

These are some of the most important things to consider when you're planning the lighting as part of your kitchen remodel. Talk with your remodeling contractor today for more ideas and information. They can help you identify the areas where lighting will best fit in the design and layout that you're looking for from your new kitchen.

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