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Wood Fencing Still Has Its Place And A Number Of Benefits

Years ago, so many things in and around the average home were made from wood, including window frames, siding, and fencing. These days, materials like vinyl and composite often replace wood in these applications. But that does not mean wood is obsolete. Yes, it is less common than it once was because people these days have more material choices than before, but wood still has a lot of benefits — especially when it is used in fencing. Take a look.

1. It's affordable.

Look at the price tags on some of the newest, most innovative fencing materials, and they'll look a lot less appealing. Vinyl and composite, especially, are not cheap. Wood is not cheap, either, but it does tend to be more affordable than these alternatives. The most affordable wood tends to be pressure-treated pine, which is resistant to insects and rot damage. Cedar and cypress are also quite affordable and durable. If you use a hardwood like oak, you'll pay more, but you'll still usually spend less for an oak fence than for a vinyl one.

2. You can change the color and appearance as you prefer.

Most newer fencing materials, including vinyl, do not require painting. This is nice in that it lets you avoid certain maintenance, but it also means you are stuck with fencing of one color. You can't change your mind. With wood, you always have the option of repainting it. If you want a white fence initially, but then you paint your home and want a brown fence, you can just buy a few gallons of paint and go for it. If you initially have a stained fence but later want to add paint, you can do that too.

3. You can make repairs yourself.

Even if you are not a skilled builder, you can probably pound a few nails with a hammer, right? As such, repairing a wood fence is pretty easy. You can reattach any rail that has fallen or replace a rail that has begun to rot. Making repairs to fences made from metal, vinyl, or composite is a lot harder, and you usually have to hire a professional, even for small repairs. Wood is much more DIY-friendly

Wooden fencing is not as common as it once was, but it definitely still has its place. If you are looking for an affordable, modifiable, and easy-to-repair fencing option, you should look into wood as a great option. Look for professionals who work with wood fencing systems in your area for more information. 

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