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Is a Walk-In Shower Installation Ideal Upgrade for Your Bathroom When Aging in Place?

If you're remodeling your house and you're close to your retirement years, you may want to consider upgrades and changes that help you age in place. One of those might be to have a walk-in shower installed in your master bathroom. This eliminates the need to step over the side of a tub to take a shower, which can be dangerous in your senior years. Here are some things to consider before getting a walk-in shower installation.

Opt for a Curbless Shower for Wheelchair Access

A walk-in shower can have a small curb to control water, but a curb isn't essential. You may prefer the sleek look of a curbless shower that's completely open. As long as the floor has a gentle slope toward the shower drain, controlling water won't be an issue. A couple of benefits of a curbless shower are that it eliminates a trip hazard and it also makes it possible to get in and out of the shower with a wheelchair.

Consider a Glass Enclosure for a Spacious Look

A walk-in shower doesn't need a door, but you may want to enclose the shower partially for privacy. You could do this with glass bricks or frosted glass panels. However, since clear glass is transparent, the walls tend to disappear, so installing a partial glass enclosure can make a small bathroom look much larger.

Add a Niche and Seat for Storing and Resting

You can have a walk-in shower customized to your wants. Putting in a shower niche is a popular idea because it gives you a place to store shampoo and soap so it's out of the way but easy to reach. Another popular option is a built-in seat against the wall so you can sit down to shower if necessary.

Splurge on Multiple Shower Jets for a Luxurious Feel

When you take out a tub and put in a walk-in shower, a plumber has to change the plumbing around, so you may want to take advantage of that and have multiple shower jets installed. You may want a rain shower that releases water from above your head as well as side jets that can give you a vigorous water massage.

If you're a shower person instead of a bath person, then a walk-in shower would be ideal for you no matter what your age. However, when you make it to your senior years, you'll appreciate a walk-in shower much more since it will save you from having to climb into a tub for a shower and risk a fall.

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