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4 Ways To Remodel Your Family Bathroom With Your Kids In Mind

When you look at the bathrooms in your home, you may find that you are more than satisfied with how your master bathroom looks and functions. However, as your family has increased in size, you may have found that the family bathroom is lacking in several ways. You may want to make the room more accommodating to your children while they grow up through the years.

Taking on several projects will allow you to make several improvements that should make a noticeable difference when your kids use the bathroom right away and over the long run.


Adding more storage to the bathroom is a smart move for any bathroom, but you will find that it can help tremendously when it comes to accommodating your kids. As your children grow older with time, they may want to use certain hair or skin care products to help them with their morning and evening routines. Without enough storage, your kids may resort to putting everything on the vanity top or in their own bedroom, which makes for an inconvenient situation.

Putting in dedicated storage through the use of cabinets and shelves will give you the space that you need to make sure your children's storage needs are not an issue now or in the future.


While a standard faucet in the bathroom is functional, you may want to make it easy for your kids to wash their hands and even their face when getting ready in the morning or evening. This means that you should switch over to a touchless faucet, which will also come in handy for your younger children who may not be able to reach far enough to touch the faucet handles easily.


When looking at the vanity, you may find that the vanity top is high enough across the board that some of your children may not be able to use it much or at all. This makes it worth expanding the vanity and making sure this portion's vanity top is lower so that all your kids can use it easily.


Another feature that you will want to think about regarding your children is the mirror. If you have any kids who are not tall enough to use the mirror that well, you should consider adding a full-length mirror somewhere else in the bathroom that can provide even more functionality.

Accommodating your kids' needs in the family bathroom is easy when you are willing to remodel. Reach out to a company like Rochester Bath & Kitchen Remodeling to learn more.

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