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Remodeling To The Extreme: A How-To Guide For Making Existing Property Just Like A New Custom Home

If you cannot find a new home exactly where you want it and at the right price, the best option may be to buy an existing home. What if the existing home is outdated, undersized, and slightly lackluster? Then, it is time to start considering remodeling options, and you may want to do some extremely drastic changes. Now, it is time to get started transforming your existing property into the home you have always dreamed of. 

Finding the Right Property 

The first step in preparing to do an extreme remodeling project is finding the right property. Even though you are planning on doing a lot of renovations, try to find a property that needs the least amount of work to make the changes that need to be done. In addition, consider the footprints of existing structures and whether or not there will be enough room on the property for additions or features like detached garages that you may be planning on adding.  

Start Planning the Remodeling  

There are probably a lot of changes that you will want to do to areas of the existing home, like in the kitchen, bathrooms, and main living or gathering spaces. It could save you time and money to completely gut these areas by removing woodwork, flooring, and drywall. In addition, you will want to remove mechanical installations like wiring, pipes, and HVAC ductwork that are going to need to be replaced later. If there are rooms like bedrooms or office spaces that you plan on making fewer changes to, leave the drywall and wood trim alone in these areas until you get ready to renovate them.  

Ensure Everything Is Up-to-Date 

One of the biggest items that are on your list for improvements is updating the mechanical systems. First, any electrical wiring and other mechanical systems that are exposed in areas you gut will need to be up to date with modern building standards and codes. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in upgrading these systems now to ensure everything is up to date with codes, as well as efficient. This is also a good opportunity to add automation, security, and wiring for modern home network installations.  

Make Room for Modern Design Elements  

Sometimes, the existing footprint of the home you have bought may not provide enough space. Therefore, consider planning additions that blend in well with the architecture and provide practical space to your home. This can be used to add space to kitchens and living room areas or to give you more bedrooms or a home office. You may also want to consider modern design features like all-season rooms when doing additions to give your home more space.  

Consider Second-Floor Additions

Sometimes, when you want to add space to your home, there is not enough room on the property for conventional additions. Instead of bumping your home out with conventional addition designs, consider remodeling upwards by adding a second story that will give you more space for things like additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and other features. This type of design can allow you to have the kitchen and gathering spaces on the main floor and bedrooms, bathrooms, and personal spaces like home offices on the second floor.  

With the right professional help, any home can be transformed from a dull shack to a custom dream home with everything you need. If you are ready to start transforming your home, contact a home remodeling contractor for help with planning these improvements.   

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