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Remodeling Your Kitchen? 3 Tips For Choosing The Right Color Of Countertop

Replacing your kitchen counters is a great way to add a little more visual interest and shine into your space. While many people remodeling kitchens have an idea of what kinds of counters they want, it isn't always easy to select a countertop color. Here are 3 little tips for choosing the right color of countertop, and why you won't regret taking the time to decide what's best for you. 

1. Consider Your Cabinets If you like your current cabinets and won't be switching them out, think carefully about the color. Do you have warm wood, black, or white cabinets? Are your cabinets painted gray, blue, or another color? 

To help your countertop installation look natural and beautiful, it is important to make sure the color of the stone won't clash with your cabinets. While it isn't necessary to match countertops with cabinets exactly, it is important to ensure that the colors look good next to each other. 

Think about taking a cabinet door panel with you to the countertop business so you can hold both samples near one another to see if the colors mesh. Consider choosing a countertop that has veining of a color close to your cabinets, but a body-color that provides a contrast to liven up your space.  

2. Think About Accent Colors  Look around your kitchen for accent colors present in hardware, lighting, and kitchen decorations. Whether you love navy blue or gold is your go-to, shop for countertops that have flecks of those colors present in the slabs. By doing this, you can add counters that work well with the existing materials that you have. 

When you find countertops that work well for your style, consider adding them to as many places in your kitchen as you can. For instance, having custom backsplashes made can make your space stand out, and a beautiful quartz or granite window sill could make your kitchen look truly custom. 

3. Evaluate Current Trends Evaluate current countertop trends by going to a home parade near you. See which colors of stone other people are putting in their homes, and take plenty of pictures when you find a space you love. Don't forget to pay attention to edge profiles and other additions like waterfall edges, which come all the way down a cabinet side. 

When you are ready to start moving forward with replacing your countertops, don't hesitate to talk with different showroom professionals about your budget and options. Oftentimes, countertop businesses that specialize in granite and quartz counters will have slabs or samples to show you, giving you a better idea regarding the cost of installation for granite remodeling. Don't forget to ask about project timelines, since product availability can change occasionally due to suppliers, seasons, and economical shortages. 

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