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Three Reasons Why You Need To Pull The Snow Off Your Roof When It Is Beyond The Roofing Cables

If you install roofing cables on your house this winter, that actually counts as a remodeling project. Why? Because the cables are doing something for your roof that cannot be ordinarily done, you are improving the roof and the lifespan of said roof. Essentially, you are making snow and ice melt all season long, preventing ice dams with the heating cables, and preventing water and ice damage to the roof by installing these cables. 

However, there is still the issue of all of the snow and ice that can accumulate on areas of the roof above the cables. Since the cables are installed along the bottom edge of the roof as it eases into the eavestroughs/gutters, they are not doing anything for the snow and ice located higher up on the roof as it reaches up to the ridgepoles. This is where you need to be vigilant in a storm and pull that snow down. Here are three reasons why you still have to make some effort to remove that extra snow. 

It Will Not Slide down on Its Own

Take a look at any other house in the neighborhood that has heated roofing cables installed. What do you see? Usually, you will see the areas where the cables have completely melted the snow and ice, leaving this bare, black roof poking through in a rick-rack pattern along the edge of the roof.

The cables do a fantastic job heating and melting the snow and ice on these areas, but they cannot force the snow and ice above that point to melt. The rest of the snow and ice on your roof will stay there and accumulate, and it is unlikely to slide down toward the heating cables of its own accord and melt. You will have to pull it down with a roofing shovel or risk suffering from a severely damaged roof that is swayed or collapsing under the weight of the rest of that snow and ice. 

The Damage from Heavy Snow Is More Expensive Than Replacing a Roof

Replacing a roof is pricey, but if you leave heavy snow on the roof, you may be paying a lot more for damages other than the roof. You may have to pay for repairs to the inside of your home, the attic, ceilings, water damage contractors, etc.. If you are afraid to go up on the roof yourself, a roofing contractor can be hired to clear the snow for you and check on the condition of the roof at the same time. 

Extend the Life of Your Roof

It does not take much to maintain your roof. Yet, do not lead yourself to believe that no maintenance is required. The longest-lasting roofs are those that have been protected during winter with the right roofing maintenance. 

To learn more about improving your roof with roofing cables, contact a roofing professional in your area.

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