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Breaking Down Three Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

Are you planning to remodel your home's kitchen? If so, you need to make a lot of decisions about what features go into it. One thing you have to think about is what kind of countertops you want to have in your kitchen. Here are three popular kitchen countertop materials you have to choose from and why each have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Homeowners tend to select Corian for countertops due to it having a non-porous surface. This sets it apart from natural stone countertops, since it will not be possible for any sort of bacteria to get into the surface of the material. This helps keep the countertops clean, which is important when you use it in a kitchen environment where raw meat and other kitchen dangers can contaminate the surface. Corian also works well when exposed to high heat. Know that it's possible to set a hot pan right on the surface and not damage the Corian material.

The downfall of Corian is that it is lacking in the aesthetics department compared to natural stone. It won't have a natural shine and is missing a lot of the color variations that natural stone provides. When you want form over function, Corian may not be the best choice


The main benefit of using quartz for your kitchen is how hard the material is. You don't have to worry about accidentally staining, cracking, or chipping a quartz countertop. You can even cut directly on the surface of a quartz countertop with a knife and not worry about causing damage. This makes quartz a great choice for a kitchen that you want to last.

Unlike Corian, quartz does not perform well when exposed to extreme heat. You must be careful with where you place hot pans and always use trivets to give the countertop protection. If not, you can damage the countertop material by accident. 


Granite is loved for each slab having a unique look based on the area it was mined from. This means that no one else is going to have a granite countertop that looks similar to yours. This gives your kitchen a natural beauty that cannot be duplicated.

The problem with granite is that it is a natural stone, so its surface is very porous. Liquids can seep into the countertop material if you are not careful, and you'll have to regularly seal the surface to prevent damage from happening. 

For more information about your options, work with a countertop installation service. 

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