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Avoid Mobility Issues When Remodeling Your Guest Bathroom

When you have a guest bathroom in your home, you may not have put a lot of thought into which projects are going to make the biggest difference if you decide to have remodeling done. If you've been unhappy with the way your guest bathroom looks for a while and you want to make sure that it's usable for any guests you may have, it's best to prioritize accessibility so that anyone with mobility issues won't have a problem accessing your bathroom.

Consider the Traction of the Flooring

When you're placing the flooring in both the main area of the bathroom as well as the shower and bath, it's a good idea to consider the traction. Having slippery flooring can be a real problem in the bathroom since it can lead to someone slipping and getting injured.

When you have the right flooring installed, you'll be able to enjoy your bathroom and have a lot more room to move around without struggling to keep your grip in the bathroom.

Keep the Center of the Bathroom Open

When you want the bathroom to be easy to use and get around, you need to make sure that the entire floor isn't full and doesn't have any obstacles. Keeping the center of the bathroom open can ensure that the bathroom will be neat, and anyone can get around, even if they have limited mobility or use a wheelchair or walker.

While you may not be able to expand the size of your bathroom, keeping the bathroom as open as possible can ensure that you're not going to run into issues where the bathroom feels closed-in and is hard to move around in.

Have a Bar Installed in the Shower

Having a bar installed in the shower can make a big difference in making showering easier without the risk of falling. Since it can be frustrating to have a shower when you have difficulty standing up in the bathroom, having some remodeling done in the form of getting bars installed at the right height can do a lot to prevent a potential fall.

As you work on bathroom remodeling, you need to focus on features that will make sure the bathroom turns out great and help you avoid issues where your bathroom isn't very accessible to someone that may have mobility issues. This can be so important when you have older visitors such as grandparents or someone that has a disability.  

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