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4 Shower Door Enclosure Designs To Improve Your Bathroom Renovations With Modern Style

Bathroom designs in older homes can be outdated, cramped, and lacking in modern features. Sometimes, renovating a bathroom in your home can be an affordable project to do that adds value to your home. There are things like walk-in shower enclosures and adding doors to an existing design that can improve your bathroom. The following shower door enclosure design ideas will help you update your home with a modern design and style:

1. Adding Shower Doors to Enclose an Existing Bath to Make It More Modern

If you have an existing bath-and-shower combination in your bathroom, removing and replacing it can be a costly investment. If it is in good condition, enclosing it with shower glass doors can be a great way to update the design with modern style and make your bathroom a little more open and less confined.

2. Reducing the Footprint of Showers and Baths With A Smaller Shower Door Enclosure

Sometimes, the old bath-and-shower design occupies a lot of space in a small area. Therefore, you may want to consider reducing the footprint of your shower. Installing a smaller shower enclosure can help you save this space in your bathroom while creating a more modern, open, and spacious design.

3. Use Tile Walls to Create Custom Seating Features and a Unique Shower Design in Your Bathroom

There are some situations where you may want to add tile walls to the design of your shower enclosure. Adding walls in the right areas of the shower design can help if you would also like to add features like seating and handrails to the design of the shower. The tile features can continue outside of the shower enclosure to help create a uniform, modern design in the bathroom that flows smoothly.

4. Use a Large Shower Glass Door Enclosure to Create More Custom Features in Your Bathroom Design

There are also many custom features that you may want to add to the shower, but you might still need more space. A glass shower enclosure can be used to create a larger shower space with custom features like a steam room to help you relax. This is an ideal solution if you have more space in your bathroom or are planning on making it a little larger than the currently available space in the bathroom.

These are some bathroom design ideas that will help you with affordable shower enclosure improvements in your home. If you need help adding these improvements to your bathroom, contact a shower door enclosure service to install the glass and help complete the renovations in your bathroom.

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