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Understanding Installation And Wait Times For Kitchen Granite Countertop Installations

Kitchen granite countertop installation is an excellent idea for your kitchen remodel for various reasons. Among the many advantages of granite is that it is affordable, doesn't scratch or stain easily, and is relatively easy to clean.   These are all benefits you can look forward to enjoying for a long time. You will, however, need to wait until after the installation to get a return on your investment. Here is a breakdown of the timeline you can expect with your kitchen granite counter installation project. Read More 

Should You Forgo Installing A Kitchen Island? Why And How

Many homeowners love their kitchen islands. But an island isn't right for every kitchen. Why might you skip adding an island to your kitchen design? And what can you do to replace it with something that better fits your needs and goals? Here's what you need to know. Why Homeowners Add Islands Kitchen islands are usually added in order to solve a few common design challenges or for simple aesthetics. Most commonly, they're used in larger kitchens where work areas might be too far apart to be efficient — especially if the work triangle will be too large. Read More 

Is It Time For A Kitchen Renovation?

If you are wondering if the time has come for a kitchen renovation in your house, then you might want to answer the questions below. This can help you to recognize that a kitchen renovation would be a good idea.  Does the kitchen still meet your needs? Your kitchen may have worked perfectly for your family's needs in the past. However, if your family has since become larger, then you might find the kitchen is too small now. Read More 

How To Care For Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Most homeowners prefer to have wood kitchen cabinets because of their unique aesthetics. Sadly, very few people take the time to care for their cabinets. And even though wood cabinets are durable, they can also be temperamental. That said, you'll need to learn how to care for your kitchen cabinets. Here are a few hacks to keep your wooden cabinets looking good.  Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight As you probably know, wood and sunlight don't get along well. Read More 

Own A Starter Home? 4 Reasons To Install New Windows

While living in a starter home, you may hesitate to invest in major changes or upgrades because you only plan on staying there temporarily. Once you find a forever home, you might feel more confident about working on the property because you will enjoy the changes for many years.  However, installing new windows in your starter home is a smart and strategic move. This project is worth considering because of all the benefits it can provide in a short time. Read More 

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