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Fabricated Granite Countertops: Hand Picked And Hand Cut For Perfection

If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, you need to choose the surfaces that you want to use. If you are looking for something natural, granite can be a great choice. The custom fabrication of granite countertops is one of the biggest benefits of these surfaces. They allow you to create solid surfaces for your kitchen design that fit perfectly. The following custom fabricated granite countertop options are solutions that you can use in your kitchen design:

Basic Granite Surfaces

Elegant, stylish, sophisticated, resolute, stalwart, distinctive are the words that summarize the characteristics of granite surfaces. There are numerous varieties of granite surfaces. There are basic granite surfaces with light to mid-level qualities. Basic granite surfaces are designed to provide a standard appearance. There is nothing wrong with basic mass-produced granite surfaces, but your kitchen can benefit from something more.

Custom Granite Fabrication

Granite fabrication for your countertops is a complete process of choosing the slabs of stone with the right characteristics. The stone will then be cut to the exact specification of your kitchen design. This can allow for countertops to be cut to the shapes you want. This gives you options for custom-fitted surfaces that are free of joints and unsightly imperfections.

Granite Slab Thickness

Granite countertops come in many different colors, shapes, and styles, but first, you want to consider the thickness of the slabs. If you have larger surfaces with cuts for features like sinks, then you can have the fabricator make the slabs thicker. The thicker granite slabs will be less vulnerable to damage in these areas. If the surfaces are narrower, thinner slabs can be used for a better appearance in smaller areas. The slabs can even have features cut into them, such as a wider vertical area for the front of the sink.

Installation of Fabricated Granite

Once the granite slabs have been cut, they can be finished with features like bull-nose edges and other elements before the installation. The fabricator will install the granite surfaces, and the finishing touches will be completed. At this point, you want to choose the type of finish you want for the surfaces, such as a polished or honed finish. Honed finishes for granite are great because they will not have a glare, and blemishes won't be noticeable.

Using custom fabricated granite can give your kitchen design the perfect finishing touches it needs. Contact a custom granite countertop fabrication service to get the help you need adding these solid surfaces to your kitchen.

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